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I am a dance maker / writer currently curious about things relating to femininity, ambition, failure, grappling, queerness, tradition, "male gaze," and desire... 

Much of my research is autoethnographic- I am trying to situate my experiences (particularly ballet training and queer girlhood) within the broader contexts of "society" "the dance field" "art making" etc. asking (broadly)

"what do my experiences say about the larger situation?"

Here are some questions currently informing my work:

★ How can risk, momentum, and rigor disrupt the particular architecture of femininity in ballet’s prescribed gender expression?
★ And what does this gender prescription say about the expectations around feminine physicality at large- specifically beauty, discipline, and smallness?
★ How does girlhood affect the way people who experience it experience their physicality?
★ Looking at girlhood as a prescribed experience, and/but femininity as a truly felt identity
★ How do people who experience girlhood experience ambition/failure/grappling?
★ What are the possible conversations between femininity and ambition/failure/faltering/grappling?
★ W
hat can those conversations reveal about the stability (or lack thereof) of gendered structures?
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